Our Core Values


Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of the Emergent Business Group family.  These guiding principles dictate our team's behavior and our daily interaction with our clients and consumers.  Our core values are intrinsic to our Mission Statement.

...We Care About The Why

We provide optimum recoveries with an approach that is reasonable, compassionate and fair
Employees and consumers are treated with respect and dignity every day

Concern about the customer’s situation provides the opportunity to address and move forward
Awareness of one another’s actions is paramount
Reliable, responsible and immediate reaction to our employees’, consumers’, and clients’ needs
Enriching the professional lives of our team members through opportunity for development, advancement, and a good health, home and work life balance

Wisdom of our combined experiences brings us together and aligns customer and client interests
How we work together to resolve challenges faced with self-respect and dignity is our daily mission
Yes, we care about the why and yes, we want to help