Contract Servicing


Service Offerings

EBG is actively seeking servicing opportunities with large banks, specialty finance and consumer loans companies, and other mid-level financial services organizations. Targeted markets well-aligned with our strategic objectives include:

  • Charged-off Credit Card / Consumer Loan Accounts
  • Auto Deficiencies and Charge-offs
  • Judgment / Legal Portfolios – Active and Dormant
  • Non-Performing Private Student Loans
  • Discontinued Products and Legacy Assets
  • Commercial Collections
  • Asset Investigation

First Party

  • Hourly Based
  • Short and Long Term Projects
  • Bonded Technology Environment
  • Champion Challenger Opportunities

Third Party

  • Contingency Based Fee Structure
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Champion Challenger Opportunities

Master Servicing

  • Agency Oversight
  • Legal Network Management
  • Performance Based Pricing

Asset Investigation

  • In-depth detailed financial investigations
  • Identify assets and the causes of non-payment
  • Uncovers assets and responsible parties otherwise left undisclosed